Bringing Quality Healthcare to the Rural Poor

ACHI aims to promote healthy communities by providing health screenings, health education, health maintenance, and professional consultation necessary to improve the quality of life for villagers. Project Goal: To bring health screenings, health education, maintenance of chronic health conditions, treatment and prevention of endemic disease conditions (like Malaria and intestinal parasites) to those living in rural villages in Nigeria and Namibia without access to health care.

We embark on health screening in the rural areas of Nigeria and Namibia where there is a great need for health care. ACHI travels annually to rural villages where there is no access to health care, to conduct health screening, educate villagers on chronic and endemic disease management and to provide health maintenance services. Medications are provided for free to individuals diagnosed with chronic illnesses as well as vitamins and de-worming medication is provided to all school-age children.

We are a non-profit and 501c organization.